Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Acuna - Where is the Violence?

The violence is against the people of Acuña. There are rumors about businesses being forced to pay protection money to the cartel. There are rumors of kidnappings and ransoms. Businesses continue to close and relocate in Del Rio. (Many of the wealthy have dual citizenship).

Some mission groups continue to arrive and there has never been a report of violence against Americans on a mission trip. There are no gunfights in the streets.

The last (and only) shooting occurred over a year ago when a state police lieutenant that was allegedly in the pay of a cartel was shot dead. A cardboard sign was laid on his body that warned other police officials not to do business with the Zeta cartel. As disturbing as this is, it was one killing over a year ago. Nobody recalls any murder in Acuña prior to that single instance.

The real 'violence' is the damage caused by the over-reported news about violence in 'border cities' that include a 2,000 mile border. Almost every new story includes at least five references to other stories about violence in Mexico. These are often rehashes of old news and some of that old news is about violence near Mexico city or the Pacific Ocean! The end result of this form of reporting is that the entire tourist industry along a 2,000 mile border was destroyed. Even in a peaceful city like Acuña.

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